Belle Lumière Workshop | Day One

These images are featured on Cottage Hill Magazine here!

In July I attended the
Belle Lumière Magazine film photography workshop - held right down the road from my house at Bloomsbury Farm. The workshop consisted of two very full days of teaching, shooting, talking with other like-minded film shooters, and eating amazing food. No digital photography was allowed other than with phones - which was actually quite freeing. It was so wonderful to be around extremely talented people like Elisa Bricker and Ginny Au. I really enjoyed watching them in action and learning from them in person - especially after admiring their work from afar for so long. I am so grateful for this experience, the people I met, and the large body of film work I created during those two days. I left refreshed and artistically renewed, full of ideas, and inspired more than ever to shoot more film.

These images were shot with a combination of the Hasselblad H1 & Pentax 645n on Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed & scanned by Film Box Lab.

Workshop: Belle Lumière Magazine
Location: Bloomsbury Farm
Styling: Ginny Au
Model: Lauren Ledford
Hair & makeup: Amanda Gros
Dress: Rue de Seine from The Dress Theory
Veil: The Dress Theory
Rentals: 12th Table
Invitations: Script Merchant Calligraphy & Abany Bauer
Floral Design: Caroline Jones
Camera: Hasselblad H1 from Contax Rental & my Pentax 645n
Teachers: Elisa & Edward BrickerLexi Vornberg, Austin Gros & Ryan Bernal of Film Box Lab